Coco Loco Smoothie

Love this from @chloehosegrove ! Will give it a go 💪👌


Hey guys!

I am always looking for new smoothie recipes, smoothies are a delicious way of providing your body with some of your five a day as well as filling you up making them a fantastic healthy snack! It therefore made me very excited when I stumbled across this ‘coco loco’ exotic smoothie recipe on twitter created by MCM Net (@mcmnet).


As you can see this recipe only includes four ingredients making it so easy to make and perfect if you’re on a budget like me. The ingredients are also so good for you and all in all it provides you with four of your five a day!

A little about the ingredients…

  • Figs are high in natural sugars and iron making them great for energy boosting! Due to their high natural sugar content this makes them very sweet adding a beautiful flavour to the smoothie.
  • Peaches taste…

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