Coco Loco Smoothie

Love this from @chloehosegrove ! Will give it a go 💪👌


Hey guys!

I am always looking for new smoothie recipes, smoothies are a delicious way of providing your body with some of your five a day as well as filling you up making them a fantastic healthy snack! It therefore made me very excited when I stumbled across this ‘coco loco’ exotic smoothie recipe on twitter created by MCM Net (@mcmnet).


As you can see this recipe only includes four ingredients making it so easy to make and perfect if you’re on a budget like me. The ingredients are also so good for you and all in all it provides you with four of your five a day!

A little about the ingredients…

  • Figs are high in natural sugars and iron making them great for energy boosting! Due to their high natural sugar content this makes them very sweet adding a beautiful flavour to the smoothie.
  • Peaches taste…

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20 week Patisserie Course at Ashburton Chefs Academy

The new Patisserie course is officially up and running as the students delve into week 6 at the Ashburton Chefs Academy.

Headed by our in house pastry chef Colin Bennett. Colin has worked in leading hotels, including The Grovesnor and Dorchester, Michelin starred restaurants such as Pied a Terre, The Orrery and Viajante and alongside many of todays celebrity chefs including Simon Hopkinson, Nuno Mendez and Tom Aitkin. He also helped Jamie Oliver set-up his Barbecoa restaurant near St Paul’s, but probably the highlight of his professional career was the 4 and a half years spent as Hilton’s specialist patisserie, created as part of a £30m refit.

The first term has seen the students produce a whole range of sweet and savoury delights that have ranged from Gruyere gougeres to gateaux frasier, chocolate centre pieces to Danish pastries.

I was fortunate enough to always be in the right place at the right time, generally just as Colin was presenting his dessert!. So not only did they look amazing but tasted even better.









La Fourchette Brasserie, Totnes, Devon

La Fourchette is a little French brasserie in Totnes, Devon.
It’s a wine bar, cafe and brasserie all rolled into one with offerings throughout the day and into the night.

I had heard mixed reviews about this place so thought I would give it a go.

Being a chef and all that , I’m gonna just cut to the chase…the food!

The menu had typical French style to it with a good mix of brasserie classics, seafood and steak and frites.





I skipped the starters and went straight to the mains, ordering the lamb rump served pink with a herb crust haricot vert and Provençal tomato.

The dish arrived, it smelt fantastic, the lamb was lovely and pink and the portion size was just right. The presentation was very simple and lacked any sort of finesse but the flavours made up for that. The lamb was incredibly tender and succulent with an intensely flavoured crust . The dish came with crushed potatoes which were ok and the Provençal tomato tasted similar to the crust on the lamb. It was a good hearty dish that just about left space for dessert!


I finished the meal with a chocolate fondant and orange sorbet. There was a 15 minute wait for this dessert as stated on the menu. It took quite a bit longer than that to arrive. Again the presentation was very simple and could be improved but the fondant was pretty good. It a had a good crust going into a gooey chocolate centre and was rich and warming. The sorbet was refreshing but not homemade and worked well with the fondant .



So all in all not a bad meal but the price is quite steep for what you actually receive. The bill came to £67 for myself and my wife. We both had two courses and shared a bottle of wine!

My take on the classic Slivovitz!

I’ve just finished bottling up my Slivovitz, it’s gonna hit the spot, that’s for sure : )


I was fortunate enough to be given a glut of foraged mirabelle plums from a fellow chef David Beazley, a local wild food expert !

It is quite traditional to make an eau de vie from the plums as they are known for their sweetness .

Having recently drank Slivovitz in Slovakia whilst visiting the capital I thought it would be great to create my own version.

I have used vodka in the recipe and married up the aniseed like flavour of star anise with the plums.

1kg plums
280g white sugar
1 star anise
2 strips of lemon peel, pith removed
600ml vodka approx, at least 40% proof


1. Pierce all of the plums with a sharp knife to the stone. Place in a clean jar.

2. Add the sugar, star anise and lemon peel. Pour the vodka over until the plums are covered.

3. Seal the…

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